Monday, September 26, 2016

To Kill a Huginn

Outside the Bar

Beautiful ain't it? Brink's Bar lives on!

I admired our little piece of home for a bit longer, then hit d-scan. A few people in local but only a Slasher at a medium. Let's do it! I gave the command over the intercom for the crew to load EMP ammo into the guns and replace the Nova rockets with Mjolnir (Caldari ones of course). I took the acceleration gate and prepared myself for the first fight of the -- god dam recon bait. The Slasher was sitting 40km off the warp in but a Huginn was waiting for me with open arms and a shit eating grin. There were no celestial objects directly in front of me (not even 180 degrees in front of me). I hit the red alert button to signal the crew to get to the escape pods as the dual webs and long point sealed my fate. I locked up some drones and took one down before I exploded. Sigh.  

Freya Godspeed > gf
Freya Godspeed > you owe me one hob
Freya Godspeed > quafe?
Sem Skord > gotta stay hydrated as you roam
Freya Godspeed > that´s true i use other boosters tho
Freya Godspeed > Krivich o7
Krivich > o7
Freya Godspeed > nice fitting btw
Freya Godspeed > i like rifters
Sem Skord > me too
Freya Godspeed > slashers are better imo but that´s just my opinion
Sem Skord > well too bad we didnt get to find out

Freya Godspeed > true

I cursed myself as I returned to the Bar to grab another Rifter from the garage. Something about all this seemed very familiar. I checked the neocomm and scrolled through my recent fights. Aha! Same person, same method, same system! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I'm getting revenge!

Veteran Black Jacket, R1FTA Director and good friend xxMACKxx was at the bar smoking a cigarette and throwing back some whiskey.

Sem Skord > Mack
Sem Skord > Kill: Sem Skord (Rifter)
xxMACKxx > yeah boss
Sem Skord > got something to kill a huggin?
Sem Skord > this fucker has gotten me twice
Sem Skord > sitting at a large

xxMACKxx > theoretically yes

He threw back another shot, allowed the liquor to marinate for a second and elaborated.

xxMACKxx > I have an incursus you could use to get tackle on it
xxMACKxx > while I come in my crucifier and TD it
xxMACKxx > then it would just die
Sem Skord > hmm
xxMACKxx > it's an AC boat dual TD would shut him the fuck down he's running 425's on there ez pz

xxMACKxx > drones would be your only worry

A tanky Incursus that would grab point and hold it long enough for Mack's TD Crucifier. We could definitely use a couple more ships. I looked around the Bar for someone that could lend some guns to the cause. Across the room I spotted two fellows sitting in a corner, both baby sitting a couple beers, huddled close to each other conspiring about something. Gallente Mil. I made my way over and recognized one of them. 

Arsikere was a skilled pilot who can hold his own in a fight. We fought each other numerous times in the past, eventually forming a bond through guns and wrecks. The other fellow I didn't recognize.

Sem Skord > Gentlemen!
Sem Skord > Good evening
Arsikere > hey HEY
Kim Karsons > o/
Sem Skord > you guys up to kill a huggin?
Sem Skord > sitting inside a large
Sem Skord > with a bait slasher
Sem Skord > Nikkishina
Sem Skord > Freya Godspeed

Ariskere glanced at his companion as they whispered quickly to each other, I couldn't make it out. A couple moments later, Arsikere took a long swig of his beer.

Arsikere > alas, i am dodizzle
Kim Karsons > you gonna try to take em in frigs? Those things have pretty hard tanks, no?
Arsikere > huggins, not as much
Sem Skord > wanna join?
Arsikere > and we have a 3rd guy in fleet
Sem Skord > you'll make 4!
Kim Karsons > yeah I do, lemme see what I have for ships 

Four pilots! I'm comfortable with this! They finished their beers and followed me back to the bar where Mack sucked down his cigarette and stood up. With suspicious eyes Mack looked 'em both up 'n down. When he saw the Gal Mil patches on Arsikere and Kim, I could tell even behind those shades that he was questioning their motives. But Gal Mil don't associate with outlaws, so his suspicions were put at ease. We walked out to the parking lot and formulated a quick plan.

Sem Skord > plan is pretty straight forward. im gonna grab tackle with incursus
Sem Skord > hope i live long enough for ya'll to get here
Sem Skord > then shoot him
Sem Skord > gg
Arsikere > rgr

Kim Karsons > Wish we had some Tracking disruption

Mack snorted. 

xxMACKxx > <-- cruci
xxMACKxx > <--- double td
Arsikere > haha :P

Kim Karsons > There we go

We separated and jumped into our ships. I was in Mack's Incursus, Kim jumped into an Incursus as well. Arsikere was bringing the big guns with a Coercer, and Mack with the Crucifier. We can do this. I took off and set out to get the ambush in motion.

Apocolypse Now

The Slasher was in a medium plex now. Before I left Mack gave me a crash course on how to use the dual rep cursus and a couple of boosters to help with the tank and reppers. My concern was first getting point, then living long enough for the guys to ride in and shoot the Huginn. We left the Bar at different intervals as to not alert our quarry. We all held on the other side of the Nikkishina gate in Isho and went over the plan one more time.

Sem Skord > as i take acc gate ill scream
Arsikere > yarp
Arsikere > u said he's in large right

Sem Skord > then ride in like that helicopter scene in apocolypse now
xxMACKxx > should be medium
Sem Skord > medium now

Arsikere > ah rgr

I slammed down a Quafe, said a prayer to Saint Wensley, and jumped in system. I warped to the medium plex and repeated "Don't f*** this up. Don't f*** this up." to myself. I landed on the gate and checked short scan. Slasher still there. I popped the drugs and took the gate.

Sem Skord > GOING IN

The Huginn was right on the beacon as before. So far so good. I locked up the recon and burned towards it, the Huginn returning the favor. My shields melted. I landed point and activated both reppers.

Sem Skord > GOOOOO
Arsikere > comin

Arsikere > warping

I was already in deep armor choking out reps, struggling to stay alive. Mack was in system, followed by Arsikere and then Kim. I checked short scan for any sign of them but nothing. Cmon! I was going down fast. I activated my cap booster to refill the capacitor and keep the reppers running. I might as well been motionless with the dual webs holding me down as the drones and big autocannons blasted away at the Incursus. Crucifier on short! Another volley put me in structure but my dual reps patched it up quickly. I'm not gonna make it. I didn't care about surviving the fight, I cared about holding point long enough for a secondary point to land. Another volley tore the frig apart and put me into deep hull. Still no Crucifier on grid. I coughed up one last rep as I exploded. As I warped off in my pod, I saw Mack land on grid. 

Sem Skord > down
Sem Skord > get gim

Sem Skord > him

I sat at the sun and checked d-scan and saw the rest of the guys were in the plex. I didn't know what was going on or whether or not Mack landed point. I decided to grab another Rifter from the Bar and join the fray. Just then Arsikere's voice came over the radio with one word.

Arsikere > dead


Kim Karsons > shit nice

Sem Skord > Fuckin ay
Sem Skord > Good shit guys :]
Sem Skord > <3
Arsikere > 9M bounty
Kim Karsons > Kill: Freya Godspeed (Huginn)
Arsikere > Sem Skord we get the gud will with you :)

Arsikere > aw yiss...

Our perfectly thought out and organized plan worked (/s), and I was happy to say the least. There was a shit eating smile on my face :]

Freya Godspeed > nice one ;)
Sem Skord > ;]
xxMACKxx > =D
Arsikere > gf o7
Freya Godspeed > was time too i suppose
Kim Karsons > gf
Sem Skord > gf
Freya Godspeed > least i got sem again ;)
Sem Skord > dying was part of the plan that time :]
Freya Godspeed > i did not die
Freya Godspeed > could have warped but fuck that

Whether he decided to stay or Mack pointed him before he could leave, I don't know. What I do know is that our mission of revenge succeeded. Arsikere and Kim were very content with the kill.

Kim Karsons > Thanks Sem
Arsikere > at a safe btw
Sem Skord > No thank you
Sem Skord > finally got revenge
Kim Karsons > lol

Arsikere > revenge is a dish best served with  Scorch S

Mack and I returned to the Bar with the loot from the recon. We asked our Gal Mil companions if they wanted a cut but they turned it down. More for us! Mack was sitting at the bar again, cigarette lit and whiskey shots in front of him. Arsikere and Kim were in their booth in the corner again, conspiring and scheming. I cracked open another Quafe and took a swig and smiled. What a day!


The story was more simple than what I wrote above. After Freya got me again, I switched back n forth between corp chat and Arsikere's pub channel to get the fleet going. Arsikere and Kim were actually 16 jumps away moving stuff for their corp. They had to dock in hostile FW space and go a bit out of the way to execute this ambush. They made it back successfully through enemy territory and got their cargo home :] Hope you guys enjoyed the story! Happy hunting o7

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